XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II

XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II
XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II
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Original XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable USB II

Used. Fully working condition. 
• High-performance FPGA and PROM programming and configuration
• Includes innovative FPGA-based acceleration firmware encapsulated in a small form factor pod attached to the cable
• Leverages high-speed slave-serial mode programming interface
Note: Slave-serial mode is supported in Xilinx® iMPACT software v10.1.
• Recommended for prototyping use only
• Easy to use
• Fully integrated and optimized for use with Xilinx iMPACT software
• Intuitive multiple cable management from a single application
• Supported on the following operating systems:
Note: See the Xilinx design tool release notes for supported operating systems.
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional
- Microsoft Windows Vista
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux
- SUSE Linux Enterprise
• Automatically senses and adapts to target I/O voltage
• Interfaces to devices operating at 5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5V, 1.8V and 1.5V
• Reliable
• Backwards compatibility with Platform Cable USB, including Pb-Free (RoHS-compliant)
• USB Integrators Forum (USB-IF) certified
• CE and FCC compliant
• Leverages industry standards, including JTAG boundary-scan IEEE 1149.1, SPI and USB 2.0
• Programs and configures all Xilinx devices
• Platform Flash XCF00S/XCF00P/XL PROMs
• All UltraScale™, 7 series, Virtex®, and Spartan® FPGA families, and Zynq-7000 SoCs
• XC9500XL and CoolRunner™ XPLA3 / CoolRunner-II CPLDs
Note: Xilinx iMPACT software or Vivado design tools
are required for programming and configuration. See the
design tool release notes for supported devices.
• Third-party PROM device programming support
• Directly programs selected Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) flash memory devices
Note: Direct SPI flash memory programming supported
in Xilinx iMPACT software v10.1.
• Indirectly programs selected SPI or parallel flash memory devices via FPGA JTAG port
• Highly optimized for use with Xilinx design tools
• Vivado® design tools or ISE® design tools
• Embedded Development Kit
• ChipScope™ Pro Analyzer
• System Generator for DSP
Package includes:
1x XILINX DLC10 Platform Cable
1x 14-Pin Ribbon Cable
1x Fly wire adapter
1x USB cable

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